I'm Connor Pote.
Front-end Developer.

Based in Plymouth, I build modern and user-friendly websites.

With 4 years experience under my belt, I'm always looking for a new challenge.

Connor Pote
Connor Pote

Little bit about me

I've been developing websites for over 4 years now. You can view my full range of skills, and what I'm currently learning, below.

When I'm not tinkering with code, you'll probably find me writing/recording music - check me out! I also follow the footy, enjoy taking time out with the dog on Dartmoor and obsessively scour the internet for the latest Glastonbury lineup rumours.

Some cool little projects that I have developed.

I love making and building things, it really appeals to my creative side - it's why I do what I do! On my side-projects I have learnt new skills and technologies, from React to Web API's, and created cool, useful sites that I'm interested in.

You can view and find out more about them below.

Headless WordPress

Having built over 30 WordPress sites in the past four years, and becoming invested in React, I wanted to see how they could work together to get the job done. So I built the same blog using two completely different tech stacks... for science!

I used React & Next.js to display the front-end of the blog from WordPress’ RESTful API endpoints, as a 'Headless CMS' - decoupling WordPress from the visual side of the site; allowing for a modern-environment with React, and a separation of concerns between the front and back. This separation allows for easier future development and security benefits.

The web is becoming more and more API-driven, and that just makes sense! Allowing developers to easily create anything from websites to mobile apps using the same data source; the only limit is the CMS itself. You can read a bit more about it and the technical aspects all on the site itself - it doesn't matter which one, it's all the same data from the same place! Decoupled data IS the future!

FYI: little heads-up, the React-based site has to spin up a server if the site isn't currently being viewed, so takes a second or two longer for the initial load... I'm too cheap to splash out for actual hosting...

Headless WordPress blog on a laptop
Logo of Time Card Project

React-based time card to let users plan their weekly hours. Utilises React's Context API, and CSS Grid.

Logo of Briard and Hutchings

Briard & Hutchings were after a new, modern take on their website to help attract higher-end clients; I re-designed their existing site & developed a customised, personalised PHP WordPress theme.

Logo of Cinephiled Project

React-based SPA using React Router with tmdbAPI data. Info on every film ever!

Logo of Destiny 2 Project

A profile lookup app for players of the popular videogame, Destiny 2.

Logo of Fantasy Premier League Stats Project

Built for fantasy football fans, using the FPL 18/19 API to pull in player statistics.

The skills to pay the bills.

Below are the full geeky details that you'll need to know about my skill-set. I have experience across a range of software and technologies, both front and back-end, that enable me to get the job done in the most efficient way possible.

Front End

I've been doing this for a little while now, I have a firm grasp on the basic tools of the trade. Funnily enough though, I don't know everything (shock!) and am always trying to learn! My current goal is to utilise React more (with which this portfolio, SpotTop and cinephiled was built), and move onto Vue.js afterwards.

  • HTML 5
  • JavaScript/jQuery
  • React
  • React Router
  • Bootstrap/Foundation
  • Responsive
  • Cross Browser Compatibility

WordPress / Back End

I have experience with an array of different CMS's, my primary CMS however is WordPress. I have used WordPress to create simple-to-edit sites by developing custom themes and integrating Advanced Custom Fields, providing users with clear and easy access to change their content.

  • RESTful API
  • WP Theme Development
  • ACF Integration
  • WooCommerce
  • OpenCart
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • JAMStack (using Contentful)

Other Technologies

Below are some of the tools I use that allow me to get the job done. I have also experience in various other technologies, such as Git, my go-to version control; and MailChimp, which I have used to develop and distribute responsive custom-coded email campaigns.

  • Git/GitHub
  • npm
  • MailChimp
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Responsive Emails
  • Postman
  • Local by FlyWheel
  • and lots more I can't think of...

My experience : how I
got from there to here.

April 2019 - Current

Freelance Front-end Developer

Currently, I am a freelance Front-end Developer working both on my own, and supporting other companies.

July 2015 - March 2019 / VU ONLINE

Front-end Developer

I worked as a Front-end Web Developer at digital creative agency, Vu Online. I developed sites and shops, primarily in WordPress, through my knowledge of PHP, JavaScript and plugins such as WooCommerce and ACF. I worked to develop and technically implement designs / wireframes to build a final website, following best practices.