Lighting fixtures with the Briard and Hutchings logo displayed over it
A redesign was a real bright idea... I'll get me coat.

Briard & Hutchings

Briard & Hutchings were after a new, modern take on their website to help attract higher-end clients; I re-designed their existing site & developed a customised, personalised PHP WordPress theme. 💡

We all start somewhere

This was my first client after I began freelancing, where I took on all responsibilities. I wanted to design the site also to get some more experience in it, something that I hadn't had much involvement in previously.

The company was a family-run business looking to push away from smaller, domestic jobs and focus more upon higher-end clients. The visual side of the site wasn't quite where they wanted it to be to attract this audience, I wanted to create something more modern and visually appealing to target this.

Along with redesigning and developing a custom WordPress theme, I wanted to strip everything back and make it easier to edit in the admin panel, have a better design on mobile and be ready for any future SEO, if required.