Connor Pote, senior front-end engineer, sat on a beach enjoying a drink
A swift drink in The Watering Hole, Perranporth


I'm Connor Pote, I'm a senior front-end engineer based in Plymouth. I've been building web experiences for over nine years. I'm currently working for The Key Support Services. 💃

HTML • CSS • SASS • JavaScript • WAI-ARIA/WCAG • CSS Grid & Flex • REST • GraphQL • JSON • SVG • Cross-browser (& IE11) compatibility • Responsive design • Jamstack • UI Component Library creation

Libraries & Frameworks
React • Vue.js • Next.js • Nuxt • Tanstack • jQuery • Bootstrap • MJML • Jest • Django • Cypress • GatsbyJS • Turborepo

Tools & Technologies
GitHub • Git • npm • Figma • Photoshop • MailChimp • Mandrill • Mailgun • Netlify • Gulp • Storybook • StencilJS • Lighthouse • Docker • Vite

Contentful • WordPress (PHP WP theme development & ACF integration) • Wagtail • Strapi

Bedroom "musician"

I like to record the odd bit of music - check out my original songs on Spotify, or my SoundCloud covers! 👀

Things I'm into

  • 🎸 Generally mucking about on my guitar or piano - sometimes writing music when the creativity sparks
  • 🏃‍♂️ Getting out for a run. Finally have completed a half-marathon, maybe one day will try for the whole thing...
  • ⚽️ Plymouth Argyle and FPL (both for better or worse)
  • 📺 Finding a new show/movie - currently watching Only Murders in the Building, and have a new obsession with Dune
  • 🐕 My scruffy terrier, Billy
  • 🥖 Baking - especially breads/pizzas
  • 🥸 Something geeky - probably Doctor Who or Star Trek. (Aside: I made a Doctor Who blog all the way back in primary school at like age 10, and it was basically what got me into this - my web dev/design career!)
  • 🎧 Laufey, Chappell Roan, Editors, Loyle Carner, Clairo, Radiohead, Phoebe Bridgers are some of my current favourites. But I listen to so much stuff, generally indie/alternative
  • 🦜 Bird-watching and nature. I'm an absolute amateur who doesn' really know too much, but I like watching/learning about birds, I find it really cathartic; I also love getting out for walks on the moors/coast
  • 🕺 Seeing some live music!
  • 🕹 Video games - Destiny 2 & The Last of Us: Part Two (unreal game!) are my current timesinks
  • 🍻 Some kind of funky craft IPA beer
  • 🎪 Glastonbury Festival - I have so many great memories there... if only I could make more by successfully getting tickets...
  • 🍦 Literally anything made by Edgar Wright, or starring Simon Pegg